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Thank you for dropping by our website and this is our purpose: To be able to make you feel our presence in the industry.  We are here to end your search for quality generators with a very reasonable price. Our site is designed to be user-friendly, for our guests to be able to explore or walked through it, without any hassle.  We have put a chat and remarks button, so connect with us. Make known to us your concerns. Actually, it’s what we are, keeping our guests at ease and content.


About us:


We are Shinyan Qijing Industrial Trading Co. Ltd.  Located in Shiyan City, Hubei province, China.  We have made our name known in generator industry, not only in China , but in the world. We made it possible through our best assets, our people. We only hire the best in the industry, compliment them with upgrading their skills, providing them with state of the art tools and types of equipment. We also provide them with a state of the art and high-end facilities and working environment.  In return, their productivity is incomparable.


Aside from our main asset, which is our people, We have tied up with the leading distributors and retailers of quality generators around the globe. Every region and every continent, you can feel our presence. We offer a very excellent warranty package that makes our customers at ease when it comes to after-sales service.  We have put up thousands of service centers around the World, that will make sure that every maintenance needs, is being served.


What we provide:


As the leader in the industry produced and carry the leading brand Cummins generators. Generators are very important part of every business establishments anywhere in the world.

Energy is essential and we all know that as economies around the world keep on growing, shortage of power supply is becoming imminent. Thus the need for every business and residential establishment for a generator set.


But, what if during a power failure your generator sets, fails to power on? Or what if in the middle of a power failure, your generator suddenly stops operating.  Or If your generator sets sparks and causes a fire? What is the effect of these mechanical failures to businesses?  It will create a great loss and damage to your business and properties. It’s how important to buy reliable generators from a good company brand.


Here at Shinyan, we only provide the best brand: Cummins.  We have a wide range of Cummins generators available in our production lines and in our warehouses.   We have all the spare parts and we make it ready and available for our clients’ needs.  You won’t need to order it for weeks or months.  It is available in every distributor near you, or just click away, and it will be delivered to your doorstep.


For us, we believe in time element.  Because it is the essence of a very successful and productive business.  We always serve and deliver, that’s who we are.