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About us:


We are Shinyan Qijing Industrial Trading Co. Ltd.,  Located in Shiyan City, Hubei province, China.  We are the biggest trading partner of auto parts distribution companies and assembly plants.  We have our own assembly plant, warehouse and distribution plants, that keep us no. 1 in the industry.


We are the main distributor of complete series of Cummins Engines and complete road construction machineries.  We also distribute all wide ranges of Cummins spare parts.  We have established good relationship with all leading whole seller and retailer of engines and construction machineries in the world.  It is because we have a unique way of dealing with our clients, which is way beyond the norm.


Here at shinyan, we offer our clients free consultation with our technical experts, we suggest them with what they need, we offer them quality items and the best price in the market. But, we don’t stop there, because we provide them with great after sales service.


Our products:


Our focus is more in the production and assembly of Cummins engines and road construction

Machineries.  And you knew what Cummins means:  it is synonimous to quality. We have a wide range of Cummins engines and machineries engines, engine brackets, fuel, pump, engine assembly to name a few.  We always assure our clients that parts are available in the market, in order not to delay whatever projects they are into .



What we provide:


As the leading Engine and machinery assembly and distribution company in the world, we have made our presence globally.  We have established offices in the main cities in the world. We have put up service centers around the globe, to make sure that our clients are served. That way, we can be of reach to many businesses as possible.  We can offer our expertise to those who need it, and we can continue to offer the much needed after sales service, that our clients need.  We are a value oriented organization, thus we always give values to our clients.


Here, we believed that time is gold and essential to high productivity. With us, you will always be on time.  We have the best of what you need: our people and our product.

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