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Information About Dongfeng

We are Dongfeng, a merger between two big companies in the motor industry. It is a merger between Dongfeng Motor Corporation(DFM) and Cummins Inc(USA). Dongfeng Motors Corporation(DFM) used to be the leading motor vehicle manufacturer in china, while, Cummins is the leading manufacturer and sales of diesel and CSN engines in the world.

We manufacture and distribute the leading brand of machineries in the motor industry. Have you heard of the brand Cummins? Yes you have it. We bring the name Cummins. We manufacture and we distribute them. We also partnered with the leading distributors and manufacturers of vehicles in the industry.

We have maintained our status as the leader in this industry, because we always make ourselves available to our clients and share our expertise. We have a very compatible marketing approach and we have a complete after sales service. To add to that, we only employ the best there is in the industry. We quote our clients reasonably and offer value for money package.

We also have partnered to leading automotive accessories manufacturing companies and so with other countries government, for their projects. When we talked of engines and machineries, we provide and we lead.

Our products:

Our products are Cummins B,C,L series of mechanical Engine, Isle,ISZ series of full electronic control diesel engines, B series natural gas engines and many more. We have all the spare parts
To support our customer’s needs.

What we provide:

Dongfeng provides easy access to our services. Aside from the quality of our products, we are also offering consultation to our clients, for their future business needs.

Our research team and our engineers continue to upgrade their research capability, to be able to design and improved the quality of our products. We provide a big portion of our budget to research, to make sure that we can stay competitive and get aligned to the advancement of technology. Making sure that every engine and machineries that comes out our production areas, are designed and has specifications align to the latest technology.

Here, we believed that quality, service and time are essential to high productivity. We have the best of what you need: our people and our product.

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